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Personal TrainerRun & Triathlon Coach

What do our customers say about us?

Personal Training clients Helen & Sam have this to say about their experience:


Helen: "Jon has helped me enormously to improve my fitness and tone up in the short turn around that I presented him with. He is very professional and firm in his manner of training which is exactly what I need as I am always looking to be distracted! Let’s just say, in a month he had me in clothes I have not worn for 2 years and I was able to go off on my winter holiday to the sun a lot more confident and happy with my body than I had been for a long time. I am continuing to train with him to maintain and further improve my fitness and health. I could not recommend him more highly." Helen


Liam: "Jonathan is an excellent trainer who I have worked iwth for the past 4 months. I feel he has taught me know to train - mentally, emotionally and physically.

His skills and knowledge of health/ fitness and how the body works is second to none. I told him I was joining the Royal Marines and he has tailored my sessions to exactly what will be expected of me during the selection process. 

He is both inspiring and enthusiastic and I feel I have made great progress in a relatively short period of time.

I'm enjoying getting fitter and I love that Jonathan has always been on hand to answer any questions U have had aking the way. I would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone who is looking for a dedicatdd Personal Trainer."


Richard: "I hired Jon after having problems with my fitnes before starting basic training with the Royal Navy. Jon has been a great help, starting off at my current fitness level and progressing through the weeks. His help and training has been spot on and has given me both a big confidence and physical boost before starting the Navy training."


Sam: "I was really worried about taking on a Fitness Coach. Could I keep up, would I be pushed too hard or would I fail? Jonathan sorted it all! After an initial meeting and evaluation, he pulled together a fitness program that has seen my level of fitness improve, more body toning and an overall improvement in my level of fitness. Give Jonathan a won't regret it!"


Personal Training for rehabilitation post injury. Personal training is not exclusively for the young or able, it is also ideal for rehabilitation work where specific knowledge and attention is required.

Our most senior client is 78 and she came to us looking to recover the mobility she had lost following an injury picked during a fall.


Pamela has this to same about her experience with JGF Fitness:


"After 3 months of weekly sessions with Jon I have fully gained back the mobility I had prior to a broken heal and can now take on activities that I wasn't fit enough to do before the injury.  I can't praise Jon enough for his reliability, patience and friendliness not forgetting his PT skills too!


Circuit Training clients have this to say:


Katherine: "JGF Fitness circuit classes are great and i have really felt the benefit from them, I'm a runner and feel that the classes have really strenghten my core. Jon is a really friendly motivated instructor and makes you feel at ease but also pushes you to your personal best! I've been into keeping fit for years and have been to many a gyms and classes but i can honestly say JGF is one of the best!..... Brillant!"


Melissa: "I'm relatively fit and active but have swung between focusing purely on running or purely on circuit type training. With Jon's help I've finally realised just how much doing circuit and conditioning classes will help my running performance if I combine my training. I'm already feeling stronger on my runs thanks to the circuit classes I've been going to. Next stop is improving my speed through interval and hill training with Jon's help."


Melanie: "Jon makes the classes really good fun. Don't get me wrong, you still work up a sweat and work hard, but it's a great atmosphere and everyone works to their own level with great support and encouragement from Jon."


Kate: "7am has never been so much fun and hard work at the same time. A fantastic and energising way to start the day."


Kath simply said: "Love your classes they're ace!"


Conditioning Circuit clients have this to say:


Nigel recently posted these comments on his running club facebook page:

"Went to Jon Fairhursts conditioning class tonight at JGF fitness. Great workout. Brilliantly complements running training. This type of training really boosts performance and reduces injury. Would be great to see more club runners there."


Special Event Training clients have this to say:


Graham: "I am part of a team that takes part in any event that involves, mud, obstacles, running and fun, our most recent being Tough Mudder, Yorkshire. Jon devised an awesome and challenging training run that incorporated everything we needed to prepare for the event and allowed our team (which had new members) to work together, train together and get muddy as hell. Everyone benefitted from Jon's expertise, infectious enthusiasm and energy for all things PT and the gains were obvious during our event. The most important element of the training was that it was fun and allowed for inclusion of all members regardless if their fitness and abilities. This encouraged hard work and team work.

I couldn't recommend him highly enough. Muddy Good Fun!!"

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