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Which session is right for you?

1:1 Personal Training or Buddy Up

Everyone is different. This is why a Personal Trainer takes your individual requirements into consideration and creates a training programme that directly corresponds to your needs. I am here to give you practical advice and help you achieve you own personal health and fitness goals.


1:1 sessions are our most personalised service where you receive the full attention of the trainer for each session. Our clients range in age from 18 up to 78 and everything in between so Personal Training is not just for the young and able. It is also ideally suited to clients recovering from injury looking for rehabilitation work that requires greater time and attention. See the testimonials to read the comments from our most senior rehabilitation client.


All Personal Training clients will have an initial consultation with the trainer to determine your current activity level, what you wish to achieve and to explain how your trainer will help. Following this consultation, a programme will be designed specifically to achieve your aims.


Not everyone likes to train alone. Some people like to have additional moral support or added motivation that training with a buddy provides. If this sounds like you then consider partnering up with someone and train together as a combined session. Our approach is flexible and can be tailored to fit. This approach also makes it more affordable as costs are split.


If a Personal Training session isn't for you then take a look at our schedule of group sessions that run throughout the week instead.


Sessions are conducted at our dedicated studio in Heswall.


Personal Training sessions can be arranged for a time that fits best for you. Get in touch to discuss options.


1:1 Personal Training


* Free initial consultation

* Single session: £36


Buddy Up (1:2)


* Free initial consultation

* Single session: £22 per person


Savings are available for block bookings of all 1:1 and 1:2 sessions.


Group Circuit Training

If you're looking for a varied full body workout then the group circuit training sessions are for you.


These challenging but fun sessions cater for all abilities as each of the exercises we use can be made easier or harder to fit your current fitness level and leave room for progression as you get fitter and stronger. All exercises are fully explained and demonstrated before you start so no previous experience is necessary. You are in control of the intensity so you can work as hard as you wish.


The camaraderie and atmosphere of these sessions provides an extra dimension to your training and the session time will fly by.


These sessions are split between our morning Early Bird Circuit and our evening Conditioning Circuits. Check our timetable for details of when classes are held.


These circuit based sessions have a focus on the specific needs of active sports people looking to enhance their performance so have an emphasis on leg and core strength, agility and power.


Classes are ideal for runners, cyclists, triathletes, footballers, hockey and rugby players, skiers or any sport that requires sustained dynamic movement. The sessions are not exclusive though so even if you do not currently play a sport these sessions will still be of benefit to you so do not be put off.


If you're part of a team and would like a dedicated session just for your team, please get in touch to discuss options.


At JGF Fitness we're flexible in our approach and are always looking to develop our timetable to provide sessions of the right type and at the right times for our clients, so if a particular day or time is more suitable for you let us know and we'll see if we can create something to fit.


Running Development

Designed around the needs of runners or anyone seeking improved running performance for their chosen sport.


The session is split into two sections. After a group warm up the first section is a coached intervals run session which involves multiple short bursts of effort, ranging from 1 to 5 minutes, followed by a short rest period between each effort. This is great for improving your cardiovascular capability and also for increasing your lactate tolerance enabling you to go harder for longer. 


After the intervals are completed we return to the Studio for the second section which involves a series of run specific exercises and stretches to increase core strength, flexibility and joint mobility.


Check our Testimonials page to see what our clients have to say about this session. 

Special Event Training

Team obstacle races such as Tough Mudder, Total Warrior, Hell Runner, Tuffnutz (there are loads more!) are hugely popular these days but how do you prepare for them?
If you're in a team and need help to build your team spirit & get ready for the event then come and talk to us. We run outdoor sessions specifically for these types of events.

Just come prepared to get very wet, muddy and tired and have fun doing it too!


Get in touch to find out the date of the next scheduled session.

GIFT VOUCHERS are now available for any number of sessions. Get in touch for details and options.

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JGF Fitness is all about is to come along and try one of the group sessions. Check our timetable for details and come along or get in touch. 

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